Private Events

Host your party or gathering at our urban winery and restaurant in Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial neighborhood. We offer guests a chance to sample our winery’s current releases, handpicked wines from around the world, and regional craft brews alongside wine-friendly bites like cheese, meats and salads.

Planning an event can be overwhelming! To help you get started, here are a few of our favorite ideas for events at Cyril’s:


Small (20-55 people)

What: Host a cocktail-style soiree in our winery. Platters of cheese and charcuterie are available in addition to appetizers. Beverages include wine, beer, and non-alcoholic options.

How much: Pricing begins at $40/person.

Large (80-125 people)

What: Take over the restaurant and winery for your cocktail-style party. You can also host Wine & Cheese Tastings in the winery for up to 20 guests at a time.

How much: Pricing begins at $40/person

Venue fee $750 Sunday or Monday, $1500 Tuesday-Thursday, $3000 Friday & Saturday.

Wine & Cheese school $12/person. Minimum of 2 classes of 20.



What: Host a sit-down dinner in our winery for 12 to 30 people. Three and four-course menus are available. Wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverage options, wines can also be paired with each course.

How much: Pricing begins at $80/person including food, beverages and staffing.


What: Host a private Raclette party in the winery. Raclette is a traditional Swiss dish where this cheese is melted and scraped over plates of warmed potatoes, pickles and meat. Cyril’s will prepare a spread of cheese, pickles, roast potatoes and breads for you to enjoy with hot and bubbly melted Raclette cheese.

How much: Small (12-24 guests) can use our tabletop Raclette grill to broil cheese over plates of pickles, potatoes and bread. Prices begin at $16 per person. (Sausage can be added for $4 per person)

Large (25-50) can experience full-service Raclette with a member of the Cyril’s staff manning our upright Raclette machine. Prices begin at $20 per person. (Includes cheese, pickles, breads, potatoes and sausage).



What: Three or four-course dinner on the patio behind Cyril’s and Clay Pigeon Winery for up to 24 guests.

How much: Menus start at $80 per person. (Pricing includes food, wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, and staffing).

Venue fee for exclusive patio usage is $750.

Patio dinners can be booked Monday-Thursday from July 5th through August 31st.

Note: We customize all of our parties to meet your needs. Please call us to discuss your specific event needs.



We can set you up with platters of cheese, cured meats, olives, and nuts.

Savory tarts and sweet cakes are also available.

Pricing varies depending on size and selection. All orders require minimum of 24 hours advance notice and a deposit.